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Mindjet Products

At the end of September 2012, Mindjet MindManager will be changing to a new all inclusive, lower cost, subscription model that will give you access to Mindjet products and services across a range of popular platforms.
Benefit from change, but be quick!
There are a range of options open right now that enable some great savings, but the window is closing.

Quick summary for existing users:

  • You are being not forced to upgrade,
  • No loss of functionality or support will occur after the change to software you already own,
  • If you want to upgrade from an older version or buy new, now is the best time to do that because the prices are lower and you will get 12 months of extra services free.
  • All new licenses or upgrades are guaranteed a fixed perpetual license after the change, as well as the new services free for 12 months to try.All existing licenses are also fixed and perpetual, they will not expire,
  • Moving forward Mindjet products will be subscription based, with a low monthly cost as opposed to higher fixed costs and recurring upgrade fees. Again, if you already own desktop versions these will remain intact and there is no requirement to upgrade or change your service if you do not wish to. Any new purchases after the change will be via the subscription model.
Why the change?
Mindjet subscription has several key advantages:

  • It lowers the entry cost for new users,
  • Rather than one fixed device per license – users have the freedom to access Mindjet across a broad range of platforms at a single price (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android),
  • It provides a stable price expectation for existing users rather than higher fixed purchase costs and then $200-300 upgrade costs at random intervals,
  • It ensures business and individuals can make stable cost forecasts while knowing they will always have the latest version,
  • It provides flexibility for users only needing the service for a limited period,
  • It ensures the long term sustainable development of the software.

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