Corporate Perfomance Management needs Focus

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Do you or your organization suffer from a lack of focus during your planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting exercises?

  • Spending execessive  time collecting and organizing data than analysing the data
  • Managing and collating  different budget revisions across multiple cost centres
  • Manually converting exchange rates, and aggregating data
  • Expediting late submissions
  • Budgeting/forecasting at an inappropriate level of detail, effectively drawing our focus from key business drivers that should receive more relative focus and giving equal weight to administrative expenses
  • Routinely generating, reviewing and analyzing a standard set of reports, as opposed to interacting with the data and performing ‘ad-hoc analysis’ on key areas and variances
  • Would you like to :

  • Enable key business users to create personalized reports and conduct analysis without IT involvement
  • Automaticlaly compute kpis
  • Present senior managment with drill down dashboards to compare budget forecast and actual data for any time periads,  at at any level
  • Automatically publish and distribute your report pack
  • Implement workflow controls for budget submissions approvals and changes
  •  Receive alert notifcations of exception conditions or pending approvals
  • Free IT resources to focus on other tasks
  • Improve organizational decision making
  • Increase responce time to changes in the business environment
  • Improve allocation of resources
  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Improve organizational results
  • Ask about Prophix Corporate Performance Management Combine operational models that link key business drivers with your financial budgets provide the following results:

    • Significantly shorter budget/forecast cycles
    • Facilitates market environment vs. calendar driven re-forecasting to react to quickly to changes
    • Re-aligns financial planning focus
    • Facilitates insight between operational tactics and the financial forecast
    • Facilitates variance analysis at the operational and key driver level
    • Shifts professional resource time from collecting data and maintaining spreadsheets to analysis and decision making

    Please browse this autodemo for an overview of Prophix CPM, a solution that can facilitate sophisticated operational modelling

    Also consider  Dundas Dashboards  for rich data visualisation of your data to focus senior mangement’s attention on what really matters with intuitive presentation of data.

    Let Synergy Software Systems show you how these  solutions provide  enhanced Corporate Perfomance Management


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