Dynamics on the cloud ?

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Microsoft’s 2012  Convergence conference,  starts March 18 in Houston.

Expect to hear  a lot about the Dynamics ERP software on the  Azure cloud services. When combined iwht hsoted CR, SharePoitn and Exchange server and Offcie 360 there are some obvious reasosn for this.  Flexible scalability, rapid deployment and integration with other cloud services for example.

What does this mean for for the enduser – a different cost and pricing strucuture for sure.  No hardaware and database  or operating systems to install and to maintain . That will affect deployment speed but also the role and size of client IT teams. What does it mean for software vendors – and local support and the skills they need> What are the legal compliance and  contractual points to consider? How long and how easy wili tbe to change platforms in future if your data sits in the cloud?

How will Microsoft maintian its partner base and capacity for gloabl rollouts  if they damage possible, lest it damage relationships and revenue modles? 

Expect  Microsoft to  provide release dates and pricing for the availability of NAV on Azure.

 Microsoft is expected to follow CRM  software cloud strategy , which uses the same code base for both the on-premises and on-demand versions,. Many customers will pursue hybrid deployments, and many won’t be interested in Azure at all.

Microsoft is pushing the idea of consulting partners developing add-ons for Azure-based ERP deployments, but the way forward doesn’t seem as clear for pure hosting companies. For example, Microsoft is not planning to let hosting partners run the Azure software fabric in their own data centers.

There wll always be  regionswhere laws require a single-tenant architecture, with dedicated servers for each customer, or thiose where the customization is best doen on premise.

For smaller clients it may make sense . For a global, multibillion dollar company ,  who is going to support multi languages, and localisation  24-7 and all the related add ons e.g local payrolls and bar code systems. ?

So more choice for our customers to deploy using the cloud  that are more cost effective we welcome,and indeed can already provide –  however there are many factors to consider and on premise is not going away.   The rleative merits change frequently for example last Friday:

  • Windows Azure Storage Pay-As-You-Go pricing has been reduced by 12% ($0.14 to $0.125)
  • 6 Month Plans for Windows Azure Storage have been reduced across all tiers by up to 14%
  • Windows Azure Extra Small Compute has been reduced by 50% ($.04 to .$02)

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