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Do you have a lot of documents? Construction project contracts and drawings? Lawyers office case files and testimonies, Health records, Insurance claims, Utilities customer records…. How do you find all the right documents quickly? What about version control? and how do you know who accessed, modifed or printed what and when?

Most business processes depend on information – this often means multiple files and documents and various stages of approval or information gathering and dissemination. The  abiity to rapidly configure eforms and workflows and to store documents with context sensitive search features provides both rapid implementation and major cost reductions.  There are issues of compliance,  of data sensitivity, data loss, and timeliness of action, when orignal documents are routed physically.

ASTRA ZENECA uses PLATINA to manage their digital log books for their production entity in Södertälje. In this case the system is validated according to FDA.  

 Tele2 manage their telecommunication towers all over Europe with use of PLATINA Software. This includes documents and work orders along with distribution of digital information to stakeholders outside the Tele2 system.

 PolyPeptide AB recently acquired the system for divergence management, and the managing of quality documents along with “SOPar” and CAPA processes. Eventually this will also contain IT tasks, drawings, and agreements.

 Trelleborg AB uses PLATINA for their quality management which primarily involves divergence and quality documentation.  13 county councils in Sweden use PLATINA for their quality documentation, divergence and diary management.

  •         Case management
  •         Workflow with graphical process mapping
  •         Document management 
    • Scanning
    • Digital Signature
  •          Records management
  •         Divergence management
  •         Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA)
  •         Project management
  •         Agreement management

 PLATINA is n integrated, versatile .NET platform for self-development and expansion of information- and operational systems.

PLATINA makes it possible to rearrange the different processes of how documents, agreements, cases and other tasks flow  through the organization – using logical conditions and alternative approaches throughout the process.  

The system includes features and applications for: version control, management review control, indexing, and publication, distribution –and safety control. Indexing of documents including metadata enables powerful and efficient search functions. The publication and distribution feature is used for access and authorization of documents, while the safety-controls permit the right users the access of documents. .

 PLATINA Document Management includes applications for a controlled “check in/check out” of documents. The ‘lock’ function ensures that only one user at a time is able to make changes in a document. The document can easily be sorted into categories and folders. Moreover, the users can mark documents with additional metadata i.e. information describing the document.


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