Seasonal greetings

December 26th, 2009 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

2009 has been a challenging year for most businesses and economies. As a trading hub, Dubai was hit particularly by the global recession, but it seems to have turned the corner and is expected to rebound in 2010. The volatile $ has also dramatically affected both oil and gold prices, both of which had a significant regional impact. The Dubai metro, the new Wages Protection System, the steady expansion of new businesses in areas like Dubai Invesment Park and Silicon Oasis, Terminal 3, the new airport, and large increases in government budgets, political tensions in Yemen, Israel, Iran and Iraq, a doubling of mobile phone users in the last 4 years, and new, high bandwidth, fibre optic internet access, cloud computing, service oriented architecture, are just a few of the many factors that will continue to influence business in 2010.

The U.A.E. has shown repeatedly its self confidence and ability to take such matters in its stride. Companies with the same self belief, and focus on quality rather than lowest cost, continue to prosper and will lead the way. The inauguration of the Burj Dubai at 818 m (2,684 ft). on 4 January 2010 will be a symbol of inspiration for all.

So, as the year closes we offer you seasonal greetings and a smoother year ahead.


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