Dynamic Budgeting – for UAE companies – what is it?

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This recorded demonstration by Steve Player, an industry guru, is  part of the Business Finance series will give you a good insight to what dynamic budgeting, foecasting and planning is all about. He draws on his experience of working with major global companies.  

Make your life easier in this year’s budget cycle and see the impact on your business forecast, planning and conrol. Focus your business on growth opportunities rather than complex detail with  the budget holders seeking the lowest acceptable minimalisation of targets.

  • How much time do you spend gathering and validating data?
  • How much time do you spend adminstering the process?
  • How much time doing value analysis?
  • For how long are your budgets valid before becoming obsolete due to wrong assumptions? How fast can you reforecast, replan and rebudget?

With Excel based systems most of the time goes on data gathering and administration.  An adaptive planning process is essential in the current, fast changing, global economy. How do you build a process that does not lock you into a static annual plan?.

Watch the presentation and learn the 12 Beyond Budgeting principles.  

To find out how to put this into practice and to shorten and enhance your budget cycle this year – ask us about Prophix to assist you with Forecasting Planning, Consolidation, budget creation, manpower planning, reporting, and dashboards


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