Exclaimer – Exchange server utilities- now with anti-spam stand-alone option

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Synergy is perhaps best known for erp, payrol and finacial soltuions, however we also provide  uesful utilties. Everyone uses emails and for those using Exchnage Server and Outlook, Exclaimer is a must have, low cost set of tools. Oneof htose is anti spam which is a daily growing problem.As you would expect Exclaimer  doesn’t use inconsistent word-filtering to catch (or miss) spam. It analyzes data on global email traffic, so whatever its content, in any language, even with images, it spots it and stopa it. Maximum power, minimum false positives and zero effort – as expected.

Better and Easier

Anti-spam combines Commtouch’s Recurrent Pattern Detection engine with Microsoft’s built-in protection in one simple interface.  So you get all the effectiveness of both, and none of the stress.

Watch RPD  http://www.exclaimer.com/products/anti-spam/videos.aspx?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Anti-spam+Reseller+ROW+June+2011&utm_content=Anti-spam+Reseller+ROW+June+2011+CID_883ec5f1e3619379a89a1020418d046a&utm_source=Email+marketing+software&utm_term=work


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