Electronic Bank Reconciliation – Dynamics Ax

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Reconciling your bank statement  is usually a tiresome  manual  process to:

  • compare  each  bank  statement item,
  • locate it in your Dynamics AX system
  • make the match‖.

 With eBankRec from Synergy Software Systems import your bank’s file into a ‘matching‖ screen’ .  The Ax system will automatically determine which items are a match (based on reference number and amount).

  • For those items that don’t automatically match, the user can look up entries and manually make the match. 
  • Sometimes the bank entries will  be  a  close  match  but  not  exact.  
  • In  this  case,  eBankRec  can  import  the bank’s value and make an adjustment in AX… so that the bank’s value will be used.
  • The end result of the ―matching‖ process is a fully reconciled account, ready for posting to the general ledger.

 eBankRec  includes an easy to use  application  to  map  the  bank’s  layout  to the  AX  reconciliation  fields.    In  addition  to BAI2, fixed-field length and comma-delimited file  types  are  fully  supported.    Each  AX  bank account  can  have  its  own  unique  for multi-bank support

 eBankRec provides for a lookup facility, to locate the appropriate AX transaction to match with the imported bank transaction. 

 eBankRec retains history.  After the bank file is imported, it is kept in a history table once it is reconciled.  Even when the statement has been posted, the history file can be reviewed.

eBankRec Advanced  The eBankRec Standard module only recognizes checks and deposits, unless you’ve already entered the related transactions into AX. eBankRec Advanced will generate these entries for you!

  eBanking experts for Microsoft Dynamics SL and AX 


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