Dynamics Ax 2012 – Manufacturing – what’s new?

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Manufacturing Built-in Capabilities

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012  supporst  process, and discrete manufacturing, and saiban manufacturing  models in a single solution with specilsit vertical soltuiosn for e.g rpitn and apckaging, or high tech industry..
  • The new operations resource model helps you to  efficiently use resources at multiple locations.
  • Schedule resources (vendors, people, machines, tools, or locations) to jobs and operations based on their capabilities (ability to perform a specific production-related activity).
  • A scheduling engine will handle resource selection.
  • Model and execute lean manufacturing on production flows to reduce delivery lead times, trim excess inventory between work centers, treat contractor labor as a service (not a BOM component), and support continuous improvement by using kanban boards, event kanbans, and kanban rules to view, plan, and run kanban jobs.
  • The new constraint-based Product Configurator can efficiently create, maintain, and reuse product models, components, and attributes.
  • Shop floor workers can use the touch-enabled job registration form to register time and quantities produced; .

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