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Unique business benefits of Handpunch for Access control and Time and Attendance recording.

  • User and administrator acceptance
  • Ease of use and enrollment
  • High robustness and reliability
  • Does not have the ‘police’ connotations of fingerprints

 These attributes results in both a low error rate and a fast validation – both of which guarantee:

  • the high throughput that is essential at shift changeovers
  •  a lot less hassle for administrators
  •  reduced complaints and payroll disputes for end users

 How is this achieved?

  •  Silver dosed base to eliminate risk of contamination 
  •  The system records over 100 measurements of a person’s hands – so, even if it cut or dirty, palm up or palm down or with or without a ring then most of the measurements do not change so amthc cna be amde with high accuracy.
  • The system self adjusts to minor changes in an individuals template e.g. adding a wedding ring, a scar, gaining or losing weight.
  •  Unlike a fingerprint, or face image it takes very little data storagesapce to record an individual’s measurements which means: Thousands of records can be stored at each terminal
  •  No network traffic to recover individual templates
  •  Minimal network traffic to synchronise templates across a network of devices so you can enroll on one device in your company and then use any other device connected to your network.
  •  More data storage is available to store offline transactions with battery back up to ensure you never lose a transaction.
  •  Improves payroll accuracy and simplicity
  • Eliminate ‘buddy-punching’ and time fraud. Suitable for businesses of all sizes which continually strive to control costs.
  •  In addition to veryfying that ‘you are you’, the HandPunch meets the special needs of computerised time and attendance systems.
  • Integrated with leading time & attendance software systems they reduce the large overhead and inaccuracies of a manual payroll process to just a simple ‘punch’ of the hand with an integrated biometric payroll process.
  • Programmable Data Management Keys User-definable data management keys let you collect and/or display data as employees punch. Common data collection uses include: department transfers, tips collected, job codes, or pay codes. The keys can also be defined to allow employees to review punches. To reduce keystrokes, the keys can also be set to automatically enter data such as a frequently used department number or in/out status.
  • Global Schedules 64 different employee schedules can be defined to restrict the times that an employee can punch. This can reduce unauthorised overtime as well as early ‘in’ punches. A separate schedule can be defined for 64 groups of employee providing the ultimate in flexibility.
  •  Communications and Networking Whether your needs are to network two terminals or thousands, the HandPunch* can be configured to meet your needs. Standard RS-485 communications makes networking terminals easy and reliable. Options include an Ethernet Communications Modules and a high speed internal modem for remote sites.
  • Each unit also provides RS-232 serial printer support.
  • Edit-at-the-Clock Functions The HandPunch* allows supervisors to override user restrictions and to input such items as missed punches, planned vacations, and sick time at the terminal.
  • The password-protected mode provides greater supervisor flexibility by lessening the need for computer edits.
  • Audit trails document the use of these functions to ensure security.
  •  Bell Schedules The bell schedule lets you program the day, time, and duration of a series of bells. The bellscan be programmed to signal the beginning, or end of a shift, lunch, or break.
  • Door Control The HandPunch* provides the capability to unlock and monitor a door.
  • An employee’s individual schedule may be used to restrict access.

 Synergy Software Systems also offers:

  •  Staff rostering.
  •  Integrated Payroll and Financial system
  • Local, qualified support

These are some of the many reasons why the Ingersoll Rand hand-punch and its integrated Interflex software continues to be the market leader


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