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A paintbrush is just that, a paintbrush that in the right hands can wield art that is priceless.

So goes the way of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Erp is a business  tool (albeit a sophisticated one) and like any other tool, in the hands of a skilled craftsman can work wonders  for an organization.

Why is this relevant? Time and time again we see prospective customers looking into the depths of an ERP system demo, orcreating  1000 quedstion rfp for a capability to meet a “requirement,” but don’t use the same scrutiny when looking for the partner to implement and to support the system. A reference check may be completed, but a serious discussion around ideas to IMPROVE their business does not take place. They end up with a new paintbrush and use it the same way. To change metaphors this is what we call changing the piano and playing the same tune.

An ERP implementation partners all have a set of brushes and they can all paint, but some have significantly more expertise in wielding the same brush as another.

So  don;t paying so much attention to the system being implemented and start paying more attention to the partner  chosen, and when you look s the cost quesiton whether his works are really  masterpieces.

A good partner does not recommend a bad system and will make the system work for you. Even the best system implemented by novices and amateurs will fail. The use of sub-contract labour is also a consideration. What happens when you want to repaint if the expert painters have left, how much more  committed to quality is a partner providing local support with its own resources?  Why do some partners charge more than others- maybe you get what you pay for – no partners want to lose business so if they have been in business a long time, then they will price at market rates – if that seems high you have to wonder why another would undercut and  what else they cut in quality and service.

Most cars can list a similar list of features, a  driving wheel an engine, 4 wheels, brakes lights etc so why doesn’t everyone just drive the cheapest one? After all they get you from A to B. Why go to a certified garage when freelancer engieerss will cut the cost?  Why buy branded spares? 

No support ocntract is like no insurance cover? And not all insurance polices are the same. Is there a skilled, manned helpdesk to answer queries?

So why use a different basis of selection for your key business system and partner?.

Buying a new car to rpelace oen witjh bugs, or a new paintbrush that is easier to use is  relatively painless comapred to having to switch implementation partners mi- project.  In the long run the right solution implemented by the right partner is the most effective, and the fastest, and the cheapest.


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