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April 4th, 2011 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

The newest version 4.0 of the Status Vision Designer® released today.  This new version includes many features requested by the end user.

Security. Status Vision Designer® supports Microsoft Active Directory using the LDAP protocol to control who has access to different parts of the window project. Security is also available for web projects.

Design modifications to increase functionality. This includes the ability to create complex shapes by joining 2 or more shapes together, or by subtracting one shape out of another.  Another design modification feature is added to help design time when aligning and spacing groups of objects that are selected on the design surface.

Data interoperability, allows the creation of projects that can have multiple data sources.  These data sources include all forms of OPC, including OPC UA, SQL, and  ODBC. Status can also be extended to use any form of data.

A living product, Status Vision Designer was built with the .NET Framework. What this meansfor the end user is that the software will always Grow with the .NET Framework. The new version of Status utilizes the .NET 4.0 Framework and Silverlight 4.

Client Side Calculations, allow for the creation of bindable tags that are generated from the custom calculations that are created, or the calculations that are provided.

3D Controls have been added to the toolbox to help create a more realistic screen.

Status Vision Designer® is offered as a powerful Windows and Web solution for the visualization of any business data and at a fraction of the cost when compared to other vendors. With no Tag limits, and New technology, this is, and will be, a very scalable solution for years to come.


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