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+1 Button Lets Users Approve Google Search Links – Search results you like can be marked so that Google will highlight these to your friends. With a new +1 button experiment, Google is further personalizing results and ads. But with the Federal Trade Commission rebuke this week, Google is taking pains to let users protect their privacy

The Federal Trade Commission  ordered 20 years of independent privacy audits for Google following its Google Buzz fiasco in 2010. The FTC said Google violated the FTC Act as well as its own privacy policy in exposing Gmail users’ contacts. The tough Google action is meant to ensure that companies honor privacy pledges,

Meanwhile Microsoft filed its first ever official antitrust complaint on March 31. Not too surprisingly, it’s against Google. More surprisingly, Microsoft’s chosen the European Union antitrust courts — which have proven more foe than friend to Redmond — as the venue for the action. The Microsoft complaint is focused largely around the search market and access to content and data in the mobile-phone space


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