Economical web based T@A system

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Do you need an access control and time and attendance, that can be implemented fast, at a reasonable price?.

  • ACTAtek SmartTime, is a full featued, enterprise level Time and Attendance software incorporating labor cost management and job rostering facilities in a single solution.
  • ACTAtek Access Manager is a Web based application (Client-Server  Architecture).  Use  Access Manager,  to collect ACTAtek Event Logs and to synchronise User Data e.g. Fingerprint Template and Access Group/Rights etc. in one system.

For a web-based, biometric, RFID smartcard platform for Enterprise-wide Solutions in Access control and Time Attendance systems ACTAtek is one of the leading manufacturers.

Use ACTAtek  in standalone mode without need for a dedicated architecture, or operate in a multiple device, network environment.

Comprehensive Time Attendance reports and detailed summary

 ACTAtek 3

      ü  2.8’ color screen

ü  Slim and compact design

ü  Built-in POE support (optional for selcted models)

ü  Programmable F1-F4 function keys are available.

ü  Video Camera support including snapshot taken & streaming video output is available for  monitoring/security purpose.

ü  New FP scanner-”FLI model” is introduced to support up to 1:3000(1: N) Auto match users.

ü  New Web-based “Access Manager” software is introduced to work on both ACTAtek2 and ACTAtek3 for backward compatibility.

ü  Improve the Smart Card reading distance e.g. Singapore CEPAS card




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