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March 13th, 2011 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Anti-government protests have now spread to several Gulf countries including Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia although there have been no signs so far of protest in the UAE where a high expatriate population, a cushion of high oil prices and there has been positive government actions.

The news from Egypt, and Tunisia caused consternation enough, and Libya and Yemen have even more serious problems to resolve and we can only hope for their people sake that this happens soon. There seems to be no end to bad news. Australia has more floods, China had an earthquake, War is looming in West Africa, Europe struggles with debt, pirates continue to raid from Somalia …

But of course the real tragedy that dwarfs everything else is the dreadful news from Japan.  The name Tsunami is no longer an obscure scrabble winning word, but twice in the last decade has struck real terror.

So whatever your religion spare a thought and a prayer for those not so lucky. Whatever our moans about the heat,  the traffic, the rents, the price of food, recession, etc right now Dubai does not look such a bad place to be.


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