BIM – 10 reasons to discuss Vico Software with Synergy Software Systems

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 Number Ten: Your competitors  are using it. (Page 33 of McGraw-Hill’s BIM SmartMarket Report cites that the most important benefit for Contractors is to market BIM capabilities to win new clients.)

 Number Nine: Certainly the owners are asking for it. (Page 34 of the same report states that “Owners who use BIM see a very high rate of ROI.” Watch the recorded McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Report webinar and see all the stats for yourself.) And yes tenders in the UAE are now specifying BIM models.

 Number Eight: The young smart personnel that run your projects want to use it

 Number Seven: The subs want to use it; they want a better and more organized piece of the pie. (Research shows that optimizing your schedule with Vico Control decreases schedule duration by 10% without exposing the project to any additional risk.)

 Number Six: The CEO of your company wants you to use it  to win more business. Period. With most GCs putting together a model for the bid, your firm can stand out from the pack when you explain to the owner that your model is not just for marketing – it will drive the schedule and keep the project on budget.)

 Number Five: It would be really great to know if the subs’ quantities are actually correct. (Vico Office Takeoff Manager extracts the construction-caliber quantities from the model geometry from which the schedule and estimate are derived. When a subcontractor submits a bid, you can check their quantities against yours so that you cna validate that  the labor assumptions and productivity rates are correct.

Number Four: Use unit prices from your subs that are loaded and  fill in the quantities forma great and very exact model and quantity takeoff from it. (See above!)

 Number Three: Use  a Trimble Total Station to layout your MEP, as well as your concrete, formwork, and anything else using the robotic Total Station and LM80. (Seismic bracings and hanger placement can be modeled, transferred to the LM80, and shot on-site with the Trimble Total Station.  

Number Two: Use a flowline. location-based, schedule to help you finish early. Very large construction firms are completely standardized on Vico Control.

 Number One: The number one reason is you’ve got to win the project. There are many companies bidding for every single project and it’s very clear that companies that deeply understand BIM and can explain to the owner how they can remove risk time and cost , and better manage the project, will win. Vico Software is now in use on some   projects in excess of $100,000,000 that were  won recently because of this very reason. The selection committees said that the difference between the winner and the loser was not all the other items they considered, but it was their ability to use and to bring to bear this 5D methodology to de-risk the project.


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