Global erp with Microsoft Dynamics Ax

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 If your organization has multiple sites and operations, then you  face significant challenges to efficiency and growth. Disparate business systems, lack of supply chain visibility and control, and high IT maintenance costs hold you back and make it difficult to support  growth.

 Use Microsoft Dynamics Ax to manage your organization across multiple operations with a single, adaptable global ERP solution that supports your expansion into new markets:

  •  standardize business processes,
  •  optimize your value chain,
  •  simplify your IT environment.
  • view comprehensive, real-time informnation across the organization for financial reporting and operational decision making
  • scale up to accomdoate new users and companies, wih rapid user learning in a  familiar Microsoft environment with role based portals, and on line elearning
  • add company and industry specifc functionality
  • extend with mobility and automation
  • use built in workflows and alerts,a nd in built task recorder to ensure compliance- there is even a Compliance centre
  • leverage the Micorsft integrated technology stack- direct integration to Excel, Word, Share Point, Unified Messaging,  SSRS reporting  and easy conenctivty to other solutions.

You can rapidly scale your global ERP solution to support new locations, geographies, and industries with minimal IT effort. Work smoothly across borders with intercompany, multisite, multilanguage, and multicurrency capabilities, as well as support for local tax, regulatory, and market requirements.

 Simplify your IT environment – Standardize on a single ERP solution based on the Microsoft platform and innovate more easily by capitalizing on existing IT investments in Microsoft products and technologies, such as Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a leader for centralized ERP across multiple operations

According to Aberdeen Group1, there is a growing trend for midmarket companies to have multiple sites; and best-in-class organizations count on their ERP solutions to help simplify business collaboration and manage their operations effectively in this distributed environment. Microsoft Dynamics AX has also earned recognition from Forrester Research Inc., a leading independent research firm, as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Order Management Hubs, Q3 2010 (August 2010)2. Find out why Microsoft Dynamics AX is right for your business. Watch Microsoft 

 1 Aberdeen Group, “ERP in the Midmarket 2009: Managing the Complexities of a Distributed Environment,” by Cindy Jutrus, August, 2009.

2Forrester Research, Inc “The Forrester Wave™: Order Management Hubs, Q3 2010” by Roy C. Wildeman and Craig Le Clair, August 19, 2010.

 Although the idea of implementing or replacing an ERP system may seem daunting, workign with a fmailar interface and an integrated system that is easily adapted singificantly reduces the challenge and risk. The greater risk in a global market is doing nothing to leverage techniology to drive business success and future growth.

Whatever you decide, a well implemented your ERP software will show a clear payback—in business value and as IT investment.  Its not just about the right solution, its also about the right partner and support. A good partner will make it work, while a bad partner will make even the best solution and the simplest project a  nightmare.

Synergy Sofware Systems has been working with International companies to implement global and regonal solutions since 1991 and Micrsoft Dynamics Ax Gold Partners for several years. If you are seriously considering how to take your business international then call us to discuss how Microsoft Dynamics Ax and our experience can help you on the way to a succesful implementation.


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