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As predicted in our blog Windows Phone 7 launched today in New York City

See CNET’s recording of Ina Fried;s conversation with Steve Ballmer who talked about the top features in WP7, competition with iPhone and Android, the future of smartphones

A simple, button-based home screen using “Live Tiles” t can be customized. The OS tries to mix the ease of use of the iPhone with the customization abilities of Android. Look like Android smartphones, but the UI for Windows Phone 7,  resembles Zune .

  • Windows Phone “hubs” in the UI — Office, People, Pictures, Music, Games
  • Deep Microsoft Office integration
  • Built-in OneNote experience for mobile note-taking
  • SharePoint integration for corporate documents
  • Extensive maps and local information
  • One button voice search (using Tellme for voice recognition)
  • Instant camera access from sleep mode by just touching the camera button
  • An option for automatic web uploads of any photos that you take
  • Integrated photo album not only shows the photos you’ve taken on your phone but also photos from your PC and Facebook
  • Integration with Zune for music and Xbox Live for gaming
  • Electronic Arts (EA) will be a launch partner for games, including Tetris, Sims, and Need for Speed
  • Unlike Android, software update will be controlled by Microsoft and will go out to all phones simultaneously on all carriers.
  • Cut-and-paste, available as an update in early 2011

 Will it be enough? Is it too late?

Two new studies have raised concerns about the transmission of private data by some iPhone and Android apps which may help Microsoft and the android phones have some issues with fragmentation. but have  a huge lead in marketing. so Microsoft needs to leverage integration to Office and SharePoint and Unified commnunication to get an edge

Factors to consider when choosing your next smart phone.

  • Hardware design and features
  • Manufacturer brand name
  • Network technology – GSM, CDMA, 4G
  • Operating system and interface
  • Included/available software
  • Other available apps
  • Wireless carrier
  • Cost
  • Security record
  • How you will use it most of the time -what really matters.
  • Size, weight , portability
  • Future road map for upgrade





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