5D Virtual Construction Workflow – new release of Vico Office Suite

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September 21, 2010 -  Vico Software, the leader in 5D Virtual Construction™, announced a new release of its award-winning Vico Office Suite.

 Vico Office is the first, purpose-built construction software that allows users to “plug in” the BIM authoring application of their choice and then perform:

  • constructability analysis,
  • quantity takeoff,
  • a model-based schedule,
  • model-based estimate,
  • on-site production control,
  • all in an integrated workflow.

 “We know that winning the deal and building the project require more than just creating a 3D model,” stated Clay Freeman, Chief Product Officer at Vico Software. “The Vico Office platform is designed to help GCs, Architects, and Owners work together to thoroughly understand the project: from clash, to quantities, to scheduling, and estimating. One workflow, one platform, all model-based and compatible with many 3D modeling systems.”

 Freeman adds, “There are many enhancements included in this software release, but ourmain objectives were :

  •  Extending the choices of BIM-authoring systems. New Importers. In addition to publishing ArchiCAD, Revit, and Tekla BIMs into Vico Office, users can now import IFC and CAD-Duct files.
  •  Creating a BIM-based cost estimating system. Excel Import. Now users can convert any estimating database to our model-based system within a day. This helps our customers leverage their historical estimating data.
  •  Compare and Update. The “compare and update” utility analyzes project data sets giving the user a complete overview of changes and differences on a number of key metrics. Quantities, unit prices, system costs, and even Takeoff Item names can be compared between projects, or from two different points in time within a project, to give the user a quick report on where differences exist.
  •  Adding coordination and integration to RFI tracking to the 5D Virtual Construction process. Constructability Manager. This new module allows users to combine and compare models, perform automatic and manual clash detection, identify constructability issues, and escalate serious issues to RFI’s.”

For more information on Constructability Manager and its many cost saving features, please contact us on 009714 3365589

 “As an estimator for the majority of my career, and now as Haselden’s Virtual Construction Manager, I’m really excited with the new improvements that Vico is releasing in this version,” stated Todd Ellsworth of Haselden Construction. “One great new feature is having the ability to import from an excel file which will make it possible now to use a standard company database directly inside of Vico Office. This database could come from any of the more widely used estimating programs out there. This feature alone will allow us to continue to be a leader in BIM/VDC while expanding our capabilities to real time estimating from our internal database. I see the ‘Compare and Update’ feature being a wonderful tool to use to help our estimating department and project clients see changes, which will in turn, lead to better management of project budgets. The enhancements that Vico is making in this release are once again pushing their product and us, as well, to be one of the leaders in the 5D arena and with the new importers, allowing for even more models to be used as part of their process.”


 About Vico’s 5D Virtual Construction Workflow
The BIM process starts with 2D construction drawing set comparisons in Vico Doc Set Manager. After the BIM models are completed, users can publish, augment, and compare 3D models from multiple project stakeholders all within the Vico Office Client. For example, the architect can contribute an architectural model in ArchiCAD; the structural engineer can contribute a structural model in Tekla; the mechanical subcontractor can submit a model in Revit MEP; the HVAC subcontractor can submit a model in CAD-Duct.

 These models  combine in Vico Office Constructability Manager where BIM object clashes are identified and resolved. Any  issues not resolved,  are promoted to an RFI and tracked through the project management data flow.

 After the models are coordinated,  the Vico Office Takeoff Manager generates construction-caliber quantities. With these quantities in hand, usersproceed to Vico Control for 4D model-based scheduling and production control.

 Also with those quantities, as the models’ level of detail increases, estimators use Vico Office Cost Planner to create multiple iterations of the 5D estimate. With the estimate in place, the users can track the project budget in Vico Office Cost Explorer, and  the Owner recognizes which decisions have the most impact on the budget and schedule.


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