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Training Cost for End User
Gartner research found that companies with a budget less than thirteen percent of their costs for training are three times more likely to see their ERP projects run over time and over budget when compared with companies that spend 17 percent or more on training.

The Microsoft Dynamics Ax erp system addresses both the cost and importance of training in several ways:

  • A known user friendly Microsoft Windows style interface that reduces the time learning navigation
  • On line, e learning, on demand is provided as part of the Annual Enhancement plan
  • Detailed on line help
  • a built in Task Recorder to simplify creating internal training notes by capturing best practice from a  key user 
  • Certified implementation partners (Synergy consultants are among the most highly certifed in the world and we also have two Microsoft Dynamics AX Certified trainers)
  • A rapid implemntation toolkit covering the core modules with presentation recorded demos and template test scripts
  • And Synergy has created its own supplementary training materials to fast track your implementation.



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