Worldwide Availability of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

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This week marks the worldwide general availability of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail,

A new solution for midsized, specialty retailers it  offers a deep level of integration across point of sale, store management, supply chain, merchandising and financialsin a single solution.

Retailers face ever-expanding opportunity with more channels to reach their customers and to grow globally,  and unprecedented serve an empowered consumer with access to more information and choice than ever before.

Retail customers search the web for comparative prices. and cross-shop for the latest promotion or competitor down the street  Retailers need to leverage IT in new ways to drive visibility across the organization to react quickly, seize new opportunities, and to build customer loyalty.

According to a recent analyst report*, as many as 84 percent of retail respondents recognized they do not have good integration and connectivity between stores, headquarters and the supply chain, preventing them from having the visibility they need. Retailers mustalso  find new ways to make their most valuable asset – people – more productive.

To address these challenges, retailers can adopt  a “Connected Experience for Retail.”to capture customer information at the point of sale and to populatethe data  in real time at headquarters and across the entire chain of stores to be acted upon immediately.

 A  store associate who can provide real time visibility to a customer about product availability and location – helps to build loyalty and differentiated service;

A RoleTailored user experience for each employee optimized to drive speed of service, reduce training times, and drive organizational efficiency.

 Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail offers all of this and more out of the box. It’s more than another retail solution – it’s a new philosophy in how to deliver a retail solution, to reduce complexity, and to address the pains  that retailersface.

With the initial launch, Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is available in more than 16 markets, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, the U.K. and the U.S.

In the coming months it will expand to an additional 22 markets while delivering a number of new capabilities. see for more information about Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail.


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