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As business accumulate more and more data and erp systems provide end to end integration of functionality across companies analysis of the data is both  challenging and crucial. Technology has improved to provide  data storage and faster processing via a web front end and OLAP technology .

BI tools come in many shapes and sizes and there is a lot of ‘pretty software’ around. The problem with most BI systems is the development of the cubes, and the lack of a reporting tool, and the result is a long implementation cycle  and high software and consulting costs. 

ZAP chanegs this.

Advantages of the Zap solution

 If you are a Dynamics customer, then ZAP is a complete BI solution with cube building wizards built inro Ax, NAV and CRM, and an easy to use  reporting tool,  and drill down dashboards. A fast cost effective way to implement BI . 

 Zap is the only company that is CERTIFIED for Microsoft Dynamics by Microsoft.  Zap is the Innovation Partner of the Year 2009 and Dynamics ISV of the year APAC in 2008.  This assured status minimizes your risk in your Dynamics BI implementation.

 Zap is a very easy to use solution that end users can maintain – both in the ZapBI front end and the Customisation Wizard backend.

  Zap is a pure server-centric installation and users only need a browser.  This means that all updates and upgrades are on the server.  No need to trouble IT to install at each client machine when there are upgrades and updates.

 Zap can scale up to thousands of users by simply adding users from the web interface.  Major users  include Queensland Police service and Coca Cola

  Zap Wizard or Dynamiocs products both simplify and shorten the technical process of building cubes and provide a maintainable solution.

 One installer providing the features of BI rather than multiple package installations.  All features are available upon installation.

  Microsoft friendly solution – it’s much easier to find SQL Server resources and SQL OLAP resources rather than proprietary software consultants

 (technology) Microsoft OLAP is a tried and proven technology  able to perform well with terabytes of data.

 Prices are very competitive. 

 ZapBI and the Wizard have clear roadmaps with features like more predictive functionality and data input options for What-If scenarios in future releases.

 Zap’s staff are all experts in Data Warehousing and BI in the SQL Server space. 

Synergy is the only Zap reseller in the region – let us show you how easy it is  to use.

 Call Bikram 00971 4 3365589


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