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Service Pack 1 for Windows 7

February 24th, 2011

On  February 22, 2011, Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 was made available for downlaod ffrom the Microsoft Service Pack Center. Windows 7 SP1 includes previously released security, performance, and stability updates, plus some improvements to features and services.

Microsoft suggests you just let the normal Windows update system handle installation of the service pack but yoiu can  can download the file and install it manually. The install will take around 30 minutes and you will have to reboot the PC during the process.

You will need from 750MB to 7400MB of available disk space storage to complete the installation procedure, so plan accordingly. If you have a pre-release version of SP1 installed, you will have to uninstall it before you install the latest version.

Some antivirus software may prevent SP1 from being installed properly, so you may want to temporarily turn off your antivirus while the installation takes place.

Microsoft CRM Mobility on the iPad

February 24th, 2011

The enthusiasm and feedback regarding a native iPad client has been just incredible, so we’re very pleased to announce that Mobile CRM is now available s a Universal App, running natively on both iPhone® and iPad®!

 This release for iPhone/iPad also adds Hybrid Client support, giving users the ability to view not only offline records, but also online records, directly from the CRM server on their mobile device.

Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 – interview with Guy Weismantel

February 23rd, 2011

Microsoft’s Director of ERP Marketing, Guy Weismantel, was recently interviewed by Don Fornes of Software Advice about the latest updates to the Dynamics ERP product line

Over the next two weeks,  you will be able to view 7 videos, each centered on one question about Dynamics ERP offerings.

The  first clip :“What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012?”

You can view the footage at:

Today’s question is:

 “Can Microsoft Dynamics ERP move to the cloud?”

at Vision- iptv update

February 23rd, 2011

We launched the ONE Vision iPTV solution in Dubai at the Hotel Show last year- see us there again this year.

We would like to give you an update of the newest developments :

  • OTT (Live Streaming via Internet)
  • Integration of shopping carts to simplify selling of services and products
  • Integration of advertisement pop-ups
  • Background layout to be modified for different seasons 
  •  New Remote Control ONEvision™
  •  Integration of iPhone, iPad and further smartphones to be used for the ONEvision platform

Some recent new users of ONE Vision ipTV:

  •  Hyatt Regency Johannesburg
  •  Hyatt Regency Duesseldorf
  •  The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Brunei
  • Sandy Lane, Barbados
  • Sparkassenakademie
  • Madagascar International Airport


February 15th, 2011

Every picture tells a story, doesn’t it? Yes! but a model tells a much more engaging story, especially for Owners who are not comfortable with drawing sets.

Present your project with a 3D model, and quickly show two construction sequence alternatives based on the model, or quickly change the scope in a particular location to make your presentation resonate with the Owner.

Take your 2D drawings, locate any changes and missing drawings and generate a 2D Drawings Change Report, and then produce a 3D model for business development.  .After coordination, generate Coordination Drawing Sets.

 Subcontractors provide submittal data and equipment information to ensure accurate modeling and to mimic near-installation conditions. Expert users then generate detailed coordination drawings fully annotated with dimensions including: to column lines, to steel, elevations, etc. Break out the drawings by trade or and let the  project team review for accuracy and efficiency and then final delivery for use in the field.

To bring this 2D capability in-house, use Doc Set Manager – our solution for collating and comparing thousands of construction drawings to pinpoint where changes have occurred between the versions.


1. Save a staggering amount of time identifying changes (or missing sheets) in construction drawing sets.

2. A business development BIM model will help win the deal.

3. Off-site fabrication shaves weeks off the schedule and improves quality.

4. Clash analysis, to design out problems before those get to site

5. Integration between model costs and plan to support what if analysis and optimal design

6. Integrated location based planning ofr effcient scheduling and visual reporting againsr the model to highlight bottlenecks and speed up decision making.

Sharepoint 2010

February 14th, 2011

Sharepoint – Collaboration, file sharing and web publishing

Microsoft SharePoint’s various roles in a business environment helps with collaboration, file sharing and web publishing.
SharePoint users can access SharePoint functionality through multiple methods. The primary user interface is a web-based application accessed through a browser.

 SharePoint Sites provide a “one-stop shop” for all your business Web sites with a  full set of tools that your people can use to create any kind of site, plus a single infrastructure that simplifies site management.

 From a team site for colleagues, to an extranet site for partners, to an Internet site for customers, people can share and publish information using one familiar system.

 Product Positioning – Gartner Inc. defines a portal as “a Web software infrastructure that provides interaction with relevant information assets (for example, information/content, applications and business processes), knowledge assets and human assets by select targeted audiences, delivered in a highly personalized manner.”

 Microsoft SharePoint is a consideration in more Gartner portal inquiries,  than any other vendor (over 70%).  

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for horizontal portals clearly shows SharePoint as the leading solution

To get more out of your Sharepoint investment Synergy offers a range of complementary solutions: from an intuitive workflow tool,  to pre built soltuions for HR, CRM, QA, and Proejct Management , and even for e-Governement, or for  large scale Project Collaboration.

SharePoint  can be further enhanced by integration with Mind Manager.

Synergy recently  implemented EPM 2010 on a SharePoint 2010 farm. 

With the advent of Office 365 we exepct to see exponential growth in SharePoint adoption by users.

Lotus NotesLinker 3.9 Pro and MindManager 9 for Windows

February 14th, 2011

NotesLinker from Spirit Education and MindManager from Mindjet make it possible to work simply and visually with Lotus Notes® and MindManager. The right combination of products from two different worlds makes technology more efficient.

  • MindManager Version 9 for Windows (new license or upgrade license) from Mindjet
  • MindManager Version 9 Add-In: NotesLinker 3.9 Pro (new license) from Spirit Education

Target audience: MindManager users who also work with Lotus Notes®; customers who would like to upgrade to MindManager Version 9 and new MindManager customers.

Ask for detials: Call Pankaj: 00971 43365589

HR and SharePoint

February 13th, 2011

Much of HR involves document centric workflows , a self service for employees  to access Corpoorate noticeboard information , or Corporate policies, or to access standard HR forms , or to request leave and report absence, to apply for psotions, etc

Many HR solutions document repositories  lack the powerful search and version control features of SharePoint. SharePOint privdes a powerfulworkflow engine to a point but for more complex workflows users need an easy tool to create and to configure the workflow stages and approval hierarchies.

HR solutions often maange HR amdininstration organsiation structures and employee records but all too often fall short when it comes to Stategic HR , Talent management, recruitment etc.


We offer a comprehensive HR Management solution built on SharePoint to doa llthis and more.

SharePoint provides a proven platform with an out of the box Portal, and Content Management, out of the box integration  ith SSRS for reporting and EPM and Excel Server and other Microsoft office tools for offcie productivity. It also adapts itself to every area of the business and provides a proven framework e.g. for security and development,  an integration

If you need a strategic management solution or want to get more ftom your investment in SharePoint, then why not call us to discuss.

00971 43365589

Dynamics CRM 4, Update Rollup 15 released

February 13th, 2011

The latest Update Rollup for CRM 4, Update Rollup 15, was just released today.  You can read the KB article here and download the bits here.  Highlights of this release include increased compatibility with Internet Explorer 9, and fixes to an issue that in some cases prevented synchronization of appointments with some mobile devices.

Comprehensive Rental Software

February 13th, 2011

From a single user to out of the box enterprise integration with Microsoft Dynamics Ax.  Just look at the comeprehensive features:

Warehouse / Location List
Purchase Orders
Price Enquiry
Manufacturers List
Cost Allocation   
Cost Calculation
Employee List
Hierarchical Product Catalogue
Product Groups for Invoicing
Product Collection List –‘sets of equipment’
Ad hoc Service charges
Product Insurance Data
Product Insurance Periods
Insurance Type List
Motor-hour Invoicing    
Fuel Accounting
Operators Work-Hours List
Product Maintenance Schedule
Manufacturer Warranty Control
Receipt Orders
Transfer Orders
Disposal Orders
Bulk-item Processing 
(Process bulk-items when thousands units of parts are registered under one code, for example wood and formwork.)

Feature rich easy to use – Customer self service inquiry and  booking  portal  option

Powerful BI option with out of the box kpis and reports

To learn how Preferrent can help make your business more profitable –  Contact Bikram 009714 3365589 –

Corporate Performance- PROPHIX 10 SP2 Released!

February 12th, 2011
 PROPHIX 10, Service Pack 2 (SP2) is now officially released.

In addition to the normal cumulative fixes, SP2 contains a wealth of enhancements and new features including:

  • New and improved PROPHIX Extensions for SharePoint, featuring a new Reporting Portal web part for requesting reports directly from within SharePoint 2010
  • Asymmetrical data views to streamline the creation of complex reports with multiple dimensions on either rows or columns
  • Highlighting/Conditional Formatting support in Ad hoc and Template Designer
  • Ability to import from Microsoft Excel and Access
  • New e-mail notification for successful or failed execution of processes in Process Manager
  • file object copying options to move objects such as templates, processes, and calculation definitions between PROPHIX servers.

 For the SP2 update, previous versions of PROPHIX 10 should be uninstalled, an in-place update is not recommended.


IP4 to IP6 – a bigger worry than year 2000?

February 10th, 2011

The last five blocks of the internet’s IP Version 4 addresses were recenlty handed over to the regional bodies that distribut , officially using up the last of the original pool of 4.3 billion internet addresses .

The five blocks, called /8s and which contain 16 million addresses each, are expected to be completely allocated  by September 2011. “This is one of the most important days in the internet’s history,” Rod Beckstrom, head of net overseer Icann said. “It is a point that the founders of the internet thought would occur far in the future,” he said.

What does it mean for your business? Forget ip 4 and start thinking  about compatibility with ip6 for any future investments. IPv6 allows for vastly more numerical addresses, but switching from IPv4 to IPv6 may be a difficult process

 IPv6 has been implemented on all major operating systems in use in commercial, business, and home consumer environments,

 IPv6 does not implement interoperability features with IPv4, and creates essentially a parallel, independent network. Exchanging traffic between the two networks requires special translator gateways, but modern computer operating systems implement dual-protocol software for transparent access to both networks using ‘tunneling‘.

In December 2010, IPv6 was only in its infancy . A 2008 study[ by Google Inc. indicated that penetration was still less than one percent of Internet-enabled hosts in any country.

IPv6 specifies a new packet format, designed to minimize packet header processing by routers The headers of IPv4 packets and IPv6 packets are significantly different, so the two protocols are not interoperable. Generally , IPv6 is an  extension of IPv4. Most transport and application-layer protocols need little change to operate over IPv6; exceptions are application protocols that embed internet-layer addresses, such as FTP and NTPv3.

The size of IPv6 addresses is 128 bits, compared to 32 bits in IPv4

Compatibility with IPv6 networking is mainly a software or firmware issue. Older hardware is likely to be replacedd. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) suggests that all Internet servers be prepared to serve IPv6-only clients by January 2012

Most personal computers running recent operating system versions are IPv6-ready. Most applications with network capabilities are not ready but could be upgraded with support from the developers. Java applications adhering to Java 1.4 (February 2002) standards have support for IPv6

Equipment which is typically not IPv6-ready ranges from Voice over Internet Protocol devices to laboratory equipment and printers.

All major operating systems in use as of 2010 on personal computers and server systems have production quality IPv6 implementations. Microsoft Windows has supported IPv6 since Windows 2000, and in production ready state beginning with Windows XP. Windows Vista and later  improved IPv6 support

Cellular telephone systems present a large deployment field for Internet Protocol devices as mobile telephone service is being transitioned from 3G systems to next generation (4G) technologies in which voice is provisioned as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. This mandates the use of IPv6 for such networks

IPv6 brings almost no improvement to Web security. The main reason is that Web security is related to application security (the attacks are SQL injection, cross-site scripting and so on); and the application security is completely independent of the network layer where the new IPv6 is deployed.

Does running IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously pose security issues? Yes — because you are running two protocols, This does not mean that this computer will be attacked twice as often but the user must secure the computer for both IPv4 and IPv6 with the help of a  firewall  and other security products.

Start planning!

Microsoft critical security bulletins

February 10th, 2011

Three critical security bulletins from Microsoft along with nine alerts which the company rated as “important,”

 The updates include a patch to resolve four vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, and a fix for a security hole in Microsoft’s Windows Graphics Rendering Engine which affects Windows XP, Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008, but not Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, the company said.

The third critical item is a patch for the previously announced OpenType Compact Font exploit.

Dynamic Finance – webcast

February 7th, 2011

An expert view from the coal face of finance. Why did Jack Welch think Forecasting sucks? How and why to transform finance.

To find out more listen to this thought provoking presentation refreshingly full of practical common sense based on hard won experience: “Dynamic Finance: A New Way to Think, Execute & Advance”

GARTNER – ‘Re-imagining IT: The 2011 CIO Agenda

February 7th, 2011

 CIOs expect dramatic changes in IT and to  adopt new technologies and raise their  competitive advantage. Mark McDonald, group vice president and head of research for Gartner Executive Programs said that. “Leaders will implement new infrastructure technologies to achieve increased efficiency and to redirect IT resources to create greater business impact. Pursuit of that leadership agenda will raise complex issues ranging from re-imaging IT’s role in their organization to the creative destruction necessary to break old practices and redeploy resources to new initiatives.”

For  CIOs in the Middle East growth is a core expectation for 2011 and beyond. This is a change in emphasis and priorities for the business strategies and business expectations for IT which more recenlty has been more focused on reducing enterprise costs and improving business processes .

The average IT organization dedicates 66% of its budget to day-to-day operations leaving little room for transformation of business strategy.  Internet service-based technologies ‘the cloud’  may free up 35 to 50% of infrastructure and operational resources for innovation and growth. This is creating a new cycle, based on CIOSs  creating and realizing new sources of value, in addition to cost-effective IT operations

The worldwide CIO survey ‘Reimagining IT: The 2011 CIO Agenda”was conducted by Gartner from September to December 2010 and represents reported CIO budget plans  with responses from 2,014 CIOs representing over $160bn in corporate and public-sector IT spending across 50 countries and 38 industries.