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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 (Axapta)

June 8th, 2010
Why are we enthusiastic about Ax?

Provides highly-configurable robust functionality to adapt to your changing business needs – growth compliance, diversification, global multi-company – Ax does it all.
Native functionality supports:
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Multi-Entity Consolidation
  • Multi-language/localization 
  • Multi-Currency Management
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Project Accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Web-based Employee Time & Expense Management
  • Web-based Employee Purchase Requisitions
  • Electronic Banking

Wide range of Microsoft certified ISV add-on modules are available. We can far example offer modules for Construction, Jewellery, Retail, PSA, BI, Fleet Management,

Integrates with Dynamics CRM - Enable end-to-end integration and flow-through order management via integration between Outlook, Dynamics CRM and  Dynamics AX to pass customer, order and product information.

Fits Your Existing Systems
– Runs on your Microsoft IT platform. Open/extensible to integrate with your other/future applications. Easy to get data in and out.

Low Total Cost of Ownership - Leverage your current Microsoft computing platform investment. Flexible and extensible to meet unique and changing future requirements. Easy for business users to operate and maintain (without reliance on internal IT or outside contractors/ consultants).

Rapid Implementation Time/ Time to Value - High-level planning guideline is 3-6 elapsed months for typical project duration depenfing on the number of sites, the breadth of scope and includes requirements definition, design/configuration, QA, training and pilots, audits and data load and live support,. The Client’s stakeholder availability and the deployment method drive actual project duration however rapid implementation tools, familar interface, ease of customisation and  integration all reduce time.
;   .
Advanced Technology
- Web-portal interface for non-core licensed users. Windows optimized client/server application for core users provides the rich client interface power users prefer. Open APIs (web services) to integrate with your other applications and import/export data from the system.

Highly Scalable to Grow with Your Business
- Benchmarked to support fup to 16,000+ concurrent users, multi-instance support as needed.

Microsoft’s Sustained Commitment to Product Innovation
– Long-term Microsoft commitment to the Dynamics AX product development road map. Deep end-to-end integration and backward compatibility with other Microsoft platform products. 30+ year track record of Microsoft convergent product innovation powered by a $9 Billion+ R&D spend – more than Oracle, SAP, Google, and Apple combined!

Power of Choice - Supports your changing business needs with flexible software + services license and deployment options. . Option to upgrade from Dynamics AX Business Essentials to the Advanced Management edition when/if needed. Option to credit your Dynamics GP license toward a new Dynamics AX license when/if desired. 

Low Risk/Proven Solution
- Microsoft is the world’s largest software provider (with ’09 revenue of $60 Billion+); here today and tomorrow to serve your changing needs. Dynamics AX trusted by over 12,000 companies worldwide. Microsoft has the longest product version support cycle in the industry (10 years). Massive R&D positions your organization to draft behind a colossal wake of ongoing convergent technology innovation. As a genuine Microsoft Product, it is your lowest risk solution option.

When you compare all the factors, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 (Axapta) is clearly one of the best ERP software solutions. to consider for running  your business:

Market Leading Product – top ranked by the leading independent analyst for mid-size companies of $50M – $1B in revenue, global operations and 5 – 1,000 employees.

Fits Your People – the role tailored Microsoft Dynamics AX user interface is already familiar to your people with its Microsoft Outlook ‘look and feel’.

Solution users want to use .  Productivity features to auto-populate fields hide fields, sort filter and move fields, global search and to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft Office products (including Outlook, Office, Windows, SharePoint, SQL Server) and unified messaging  .

Fits Your Business Requirements - Advanced, full-function, pre-integrated, role-based, workflow-enabled, end-to-end business process management/ ERP software capabilities.

Clash detection with BIM from Vico software

June 8th, 2010

Coordination Is More than Clashes

Pipes that run into HVAC and cut through a floor is oen example of a clash. To  identify and to fix these issues before you get to site is a great vlaue add of BIM technology that can easily save a project hundreds of thousands of dollars and weeks of wasted time waiting for components to be re-fabricated.

 3D Coordination is often thought of  asa geometric planning tool to organize Architectural, Structural, and MEP systems within a designated space. However, there is also a time factor involved.

 To take full advantage of   BIM 3D Coordination, start early  in the process and allow enough time for necessary design changes prior to installation. Co-ordinate:

  •  Branch and fixture locations  prior to framing interior walls and ceilings.
  • Risers and chases prior to pouring concrete decks.
  • Underground utilities prior to pouring footings.

Oganize our 3D Coordination exercise into a system priority structure to ive a model-based schedule that aligns with fabrication and procurement activities for both systems,and exterior skin and structural steell.

Vico proposes other types of clashes besides geometry and sequencing:

  •  Overlooked changes in drawing sets
  • Scheduling clashes: too many crews in the same space
  • Crew size/duration issues that lead to conflicts.

Vico Service’s proprietary coordination resolution by location has been documented to cut the clash detection cycle by 40%, to provide more time to develop shop drawings and to prefabricate more components off-site, and allow more time to optimize the flow of crews on-site.

 The addition of 2D and 4D clash detection to  3D geometry supports a system of project control that extends beyond preconstruction to fully integrate all aspects of the project from design through move-in.

Let us show you how.

Microsoft gigantic Patch Tuesday next week

June 7th, 2010

  A record-tying 34 patches for Windows, IE, Office, and SharePoint are planned

Adobe Flash Player – critical security flaw

June 7th, 2010

Adobe has warned that attackers are exploiting a critical vulnerability in the company’s most widely used software: Flash Player and Adobe Reader. 

Adobe said that the bug affects Flash Player, the most up-to-date version of the popular media player, as well as older editions on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris. Also vulnerable: PDF viewer Adobe Reader 9.x and PDF creation software Adobe Acrobat 9.x on Windows, Macintosh and Unix.

Hackers are already exploiting the flaw. “There are reports that this vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild against Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat,” the company said .Danish bug tracker Secunia rated the threat as “extremely critical,” the highest ranking in its five-step scoring system Attackers exploiting the flaw may be able to hijack the targeted computer, Adobe acknowledged.

Vlnerability exists not only inside Flash, but also within the “authplay.dll” file packaged with every Windows copy of Reader and Acrobat. That file is the interpreter that handles Flash content embedded within PDF files.

Reader and Acrobat users can protect themselves by deleting or renaming authplay.dll. Doing so, however, means that opening a PDF file containing Flash content will crash the software or produce an error message.

Flash Player 10.1 Release Candidate, which can be downloaded from Adobe’s site, “does not appear to be vulnerable,” Adobe said, implicitly urging users to shift to the unfinished software.

Intel’s fastest processor ever

June 7th, 2010

The Knight’s Ferry 32-core server chip adds vector processing capabilities and delivers more than 500 gigaflops of performance. The chip’s cores run at 1.2GHz. It is the first in a new family of server chips called Knights, which the company describes as being based on a new “many integrated core” architecture. 

The 32-core chip will be available in the second half of 2010, for development purposes.

The first commercial product will include more than 50 cores and be called Knights Corner. An Intel spokesman would not say when that chip will be available. However, the chip will be part of the Sandy Bridge chip architecture, manufactured using the 22-nanometer process, and those processors are due to reach laptops and servers in 2011.

Windows Embedded Compact 7

June 7th, 2010

While its Windows CE operating system has been around for a while and enjoys a decent share of the market, there are some instances where something even smaller is needed. Microsoft has just released a community technology preview (CTP) of Windows Embedded Compact 7 this week, aimed at specialized portable devices.

Replacement for FRX

June 7th, 2010

FRx will be replaced with  a “powerful” updated version of Management Reporter, and  Microsoft expects Management Reporter to be compatible with Dynamics AX 2009 sometime during the second half of this year,  Management Reporter retains many elements  Microsoft FRx  but is built on a completely updated architecture for greater  scalability and reliability and will extend the functionality of Microsoft FRx.

Key features;

  •  Create, generate, secure and publish professional-looking financial statements, e.g. :  profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reports. It will also allow them to take advantage of the following:
  •  Custom reports without IT assistance.
  • Cross-functional analysis. – e.g., inter-company reconciliations and eliminations.
  • • Reduced training time and increased productivity.
  •  Improved data integrity and report accuracy. supports regulatory requirements, such as gGAAP and IFRS 
  • Direct integration to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP general ledger.
  • Reusable building blocks. Blocks of Report, Row, Column and Tree definitions can be mixed and matched to produce a wide variety of boardroom-quality reports.
  • A Report Library.

Sand festival

June 6th, 2010

Tourists walked through 1km of sand sculptures themed ‘travel around the world’, with treasures from 5 continents and 40 countries, made by 40 artists from 9 different nationalities at the annual sand sculpture festival on June 5, 2010 in Blankenberge, Belgium. If only we had more sand in the region then maybe semething like that could be done here?? But I guess that’s why Dubai has ice sculptures.

A Sheikh by any other name…

June 6th, 2010

Saudi Arabia announced it is to restrict the use of the title of ‘Sheikh’ to religious scholars and tribal leaders.Abdul Rahman Al-Hazza, a spokesman for the Ministry of Culture and Information, said that the new directive was aimed in part to reduce tensions within tribes that arose because of the use of ‘Sheikh’ by people who were not entitled to use it.

Prophix Certified implementors

June 6th, 2010

Following intensive training Synergy is the only Certifed Prophix Implementation Partner  in the Middle East Region.

There is already tremendous interest from clients for  this cost effective, easy to use Performance Management tool.

Take a look before your annual budgets get under way and see how much easier you can make the process, and the subsequent updates analysis and reporting.

For more information take a look at the articles on this blog iste, or see our main website for more information, or go to

The unified PROPHIX Performance Management solution fully integrates budgeting, reporting, planning, scenario management, dashboards, and in-depth analysis capabilities, providing a forward looking view of company performance to stakeholders across the organization in a single extensible platform.

PROPHIX delivers the best value by combining high end functionality, low total cost of ownership, and the fastest implementations in its class.

All PROPHIX Solutions are designed by business and finance professionals to deliver ease of use with minimal reliance on IT resources.

The Fourth Paradigm of Science

June 4th, 2010

Increasingly, scientific breakthroughs will be powered by advanced computing capabilities that help researchers manipulate and explore massive datasets

The Fourth Paradigm of Science is a free ebook,`

Fro m the web page: In The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery, the collection of essays expands on the vision of pioneering computer scientist Jim Gray for a new, fourth paradigm of discovery based on data-intensive science and offers insights into how it can be fully realized.

“The individual essays—and The Fourth Paradigm as a whole—give readers a glimpse of the horizon for 21st-century research and, at their best, a peek at what lies beyond. It’s a journey well worth taking.” — James P. Collins
School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University

WCF RIA Services 1.0, Silverlight Tools for VS 2010 released

June 4th, 2010
 If you work with Silverlight, you’ll want to download these.

Nulceus Research for manufacturers that use Microsoft Dynamics Ax

June 3rd, 2010

This is the conclusion of a recent white paper

Manufacturers are under growing pressure to produce the right products at the
right price in the right quantities  — while meeting compliance standards and the
evolving demands of customers.  Traditionally, ERP has been the domain of large
manufacturers that could deploy and support complex and rigid systems — beyond
the reach of the mid-sized manufacturer.  Microsoft and its partners has changed
the equation by providing users with industry expertise, flexibility, role-based user
interfaces, and functionality to provide greater visibility for decision making across
manufacturing and supply chain processes.

Greater visibility enables manufacturers to focus less on the tactical pressures of
the marketplace and more on innovation and strategic growth.  Organizations
moving from disparate or traditional paper-based systems are likely to achieve
significant returns from Microsoft Dynamics AX in terms of productivity and
visibility alone.  Deployed properly, Microsoft Dynamics AX can deliver a positive
ROI in fewer than 18 months

Hot fixes released for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1

June 3rd, 2010

RU 4 is now available from Partner Source for those on an enhancement plan.

ZAP BI for Microsoft Dynamics

June 1st, 2010

This 3 minute video shows what Zap can do for you . Contact us for  a live demo of this award winning solution. Wizards for Micoraft Dynamics Ax, NAvisioon and CRM make cube building easy so there is a rapid deployment. Slice and dice your data, set up a KPI dashboard, and pull out information with the integrated report writer.