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Dubai -latest

March 25th, 2010

The governent is to assist Dubai World with $9.5bn
Nakheel will also get $8bn ti restart projects

Good to see government take a lead – no doubt the oil revnue surplus over budget is helping – this will help support the economy and build business confidence and reassure investors

Its disappointing therefore to see yet anothe high profile fradu scandal hit the front pages. There have far too many across the region and this is undoubtedly a factor in investor confidence. Its good to see that such investigations are happening and that those repsonsible are being held accountable, In the long run such transparency is the best reassurance.

March 23rd, 2010

Licences for new massage parlours in Dubai are being held up becasue 25 massage parlours were fined between AED2,000 ($540) and AED10,000 after inspectors found some operating in residential areas and allowing women to massage men, Inspectors afound materials used for sexual activities, such as condoms and two parlours were shut down as a result.

And about time too we might add.

However it looks like we should put up our consulting rates – “We found some centres were charging AED800 for an hour. You can imagine what service they were offering for such high charges.” – A Quote form; Omar Bushahab, the DED’s chief officer of commercial compliance and consumer protection,

Dubai inflation

March 23rd, 2010

UAE money supply growth slows to 1.3% at Feb-end which is a predicotr that inlfationwill be low for some time. Year on year the consumer price index for both Jan fell by tiny amounts so prices seem to have has largely stablised after overheating in 2008. With global recession and low interest rates this is to be expected but its still welcome to get back to normality where prices don’t increase week on week and it becomes possible to budget ones finances.

I suspect the $ and oil prices will be the major factors onthis year;’sinflation but predictions are around 2%.

Child seat belts

March 23rd, 2010

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the Mideast to have a child car seat law.

This is a personal campaign.

There has been a lot of discussion about introducign a law in the U.A.E. in the next year or so. The same is that parents are so irresponsible that such a law is necesaary. Indeed I mgiht argue that an unrestrained child in the front of a car is evidence of an unsafe driver. If its not safe to drive using a mobile phone then it is certainly not safe driving with children jumping around. I overhear parents complaiin they children will not agree to sit an a child seat or wear a belt and I have to wonder how they ever got to be parents or drivers. With the generally bad driving in Dubai this is an even bigger concern. Don’t wait for a law do it now because its the right thing to do. Multiple accidents hapeen every day – it only takes one accident. Why do you wear a belt? For the same reason make sure any child passngers also wear one.

Outlook Social Connector

March 23rd, 2010

Microsoft recently beta released its Outlook Social Connector (OSC) a Microsoft Outlook add-in for Outlook 2010, and Google recently released Google Buzz as part of Gmail, – the time-wasting potential is huge.With its new move, Microsoft is jumping into social networking big time using Outlook to stay on top of information feeds at multiple social-networking sites e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace

IT Managers who need to track such usage may be interested in our central monitoring soltuion.

Software Piracy in Pakistan

March 23rd, 2010

This is a short sumamry of a fascinating article by Alamzeb Khan an Islamabad-based journalist that was published in the Simple Talk newsletter today.

An alarming 80% software – why? The government, and Microsoft, must recognize that, commercial software products are just unaffordable for most people. Microsoft Office, per processor, is approximately Rs. 30,000 (about $350), which represents the entire annual income of the majority of families. For most people, there is no alternative but to purchase pirated software for Rs. 100 (about $1). In Thailand the price is around 10% of this so Pakistan needs to negotiate.

The same issues face the entertainment industry – users want free content – but they also want quailtiy so there has to be some payment – the balance between attractive pricing and volume sales and the incentive to be on the right side of the law still has a long way to go in many countries.

Intellisense in Visual Studio tip

March 21st, 2010

To see code gets hidden when Intellisense pops up a dialog box simply press the CTRL key on the left of yoru keyboard – it works for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010.

Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide Released [Persian Translation]

March 21st, 2010

The Persian translation of Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide is now available

Microsoft updates

March 21st, 2010

SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 will be launched on May 12 and Visual Studio 2010 will be released on April 12.
SharePoint 2010 is 64-bit only. It requires Windows Server 2008 SP2 or Windows Server 2008 R2. It will not run on a Server Core installation.

It requires one of these versions of x64 SQL Server:
SQL Server 2005 SP3 CU3 (Build 4220) or greater (Note: SQL Server 2005 goes out of mainstream support in April 2011)
SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU2 (Build 2714) or greater
SQL Server 2008 R2

SQL Server 2008 R2 is still officially due to release “in the first half of 2010”, but it seems obvious that it will beat that deadline.
Mainstream support for SQL Server 2005 SP2 ended on January 12, 2010, and mainstream support for SQL Server 2008 RTM will end on April 13, 2010.

Microsoft has released SQL Server 2008 SP1 Cumulative Update 7 (CU7). It is Build 2766. There are 31 fixes listed, many of which are for SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS. They have also released SQL Server 2008 RTM Cumulative Update 10 (CU10), which is Build 1835. I suspect that CU10 will be the last Cumulative Update for the RTM branch.


March 21st, 2010

The new IE 9 script engine, codenamed “Chakra, focuses on three themes:

Best interoperable HTML5
Hardware Accelerated Graphics
High Performance Browser

It supports: CSS3, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), XHTML parsing, and the video and audio tags using industry-standard (H.264/MPEG4 and MP3/AAC) codecs.

Microsoft recently demonstrated a new JavaScript engine that uses multiple cores of modern chips to manage computing resources and ito mprove Web performance. It is also developing for the jQuery JavaScript Library to help improve the development process of standards-based Web applications and to provide better interoperability between ASP.NET and the jQuery JavaScript Library by enhancing ASP.NET so .that NET developers can better incorporate jQuery capabilities. In addition, Microsoft will distribute versions of the jQuery JavaScript Library with popular products such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET MVC 2. and will contribute a templating engine to the jQuery JavaScript Library Team to simplify Web applications. Iplementing HTML5 Web standards is the name of the game, every single JavaScript and DOM API used by the top 7,000 websites was recorded. IE9 will deliver support for every API used by those sites. crosoft wants its HTML5 support to be stable and robust. This means that Internet Explorer 9 is unlikely to support every single part of the various specifications that make up HTML5 – it’s heading in the right direction

StreamInsight – Complex Event Processing

March 20th, 2010

StreamInsight is a platform for Complex Event Processing (CEP) to process high speed data streams from multiple data sources.
It is a component of SQL Server 2008 R2.

Uses for CEP include financial applications, fraud detection, manufacturing, surveillance of internet traffic and real-time business intelligence.

Complex Event Processing supports standing queries against continuous data streams near-zero latency. This differs from relational database one-time queries against finite stored data sets.


Performance and Scalability
Data quality
Time discontinuities – daylight savings and leap seconds
Combining real-time and historical data

A CEP Engine takes care of some of these problems, to make it easier to build robust stream processing applications.

Microsoft defines CEP as the continuous and incremental processing of event streams from multiple sources based on declarative query and pattern specifications with near-zero latency

Event Driven Architecture (EDA) is an architecture pattern complimentary to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Events can trigger the execution of services that may result in new events generated. The architecture is loose coupled because the emitters do not need to know anything about the consequences of their events to the consumers. It is also well distributed because an event can be almost anything and exist almost anywhere.

SOA 2.0, is now considered to be a combination of EDA and SOA – i.e. Event Driven SOA.

Mother’s Day in the UAE

March 18th, 2010

Sunday March 21st – this weekend

Dubai International Peace Convention

March 18th, 2010

Dubai International Peace Convention open to people of all faiths 18, 19 , 20th March
Free entry

Sammy the whale shark released.

March 18th, 2010

Sammy a 13 ft female whale shark was freed on government orders form her huge tank on Palm Jumeirah after 18 months of captivity

The “Free Sammy The Whale Shark” Facebook group climbed to 11,500 members withina few months of capture/ ‘rescue’ (versus a group called “Lets Eat Sammy the Whale Shark,” which suggested people should take some time to “decide whether Sammy prefers to swim free or become a main course in a Ramsay or Jamie Oliver restaurant,” and only had five members

Hope she steers of the Omani shark fishermen reported on recently by Al Jazeera

Her species only eats plankton and small fish.


March 17th, 2010

Cloudsourcing – replaces IT services with cloud services.
Cloudstorming - multiple connected cloud computing environments.
Cloudware - Software that makes it possible to create, to deploy, to run, and to manage applications in the cloud
External cloud - Public or private cloud services provided by a third party outside the organization.
Internal cloud - A private cloud for which services are provided by an IT department to others in its own organization.
Private cloud – Services offered either over the internet, or over a private internal network, to select users, not the general public.
Public cloud – Services offered over the public internet to anyone who wants to buy.
Cloud cliches - I wandered lonely as a cloud. head in the clouds, don’t cloud the issue.