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Gitex 2014 – day 1 with Synergy Software Systems

October 13th, 2014

After the official opening visitor increased through the afternoon-
The 281 inch Tv featured by our neighbours showing our Prophix Corporate Performance Management Software:

Solutions that attracted a lot of interest on day 1:

BRS Analytics – regulatory reporting for banks

Dynamics Ax – Education Admissions module
Dynamics Ax – Middle East Payroll module
Dynamics Ax – Flex property


TCPOS – for retail and restaurants

Handpunch biometric for access control and T@A

AEC construction – BIM and Autocad tools were key points of interest in this amazing construction solution.

Infor Sunsystems – particularly for the hospitality sector

Prophix -Corporate Performance Management (Budget, consolidation, forecast, planning, BI workflow and reporting – one solution for all.)

This was one of the more colourful visitors to our stand.

EASA says O.K. to mobile devices on flights

September 27th, 2014

Personal electronic devices including mobile phones can be left turned on — and not just in ‘flight mode’ — during all phases of a flight, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has ruled. The agency said it is satisfied that personal electronic devices do not pose a safety risk when used on aircraft.

It is now up to airlines to conduct their own safety tests, to the satisfaction of EASA, before implementing the change, although each airline may decide to put in place its own policy.
The announcement means passengers could soon be able to make/take phone calls when inside an aircraft.

Of course, it will not be possible to get a reception while flying high in the air.
At the moment, passengers can use handheld devices during taxiing, take-off and landing, as long as ‘flight mode’ is switched on.

Business Process Review- Synergy Software Systems, Dubai

April 12th, 2014

Synergy Consultants recently completed a 10 day system and process review for a large organisation in Kuwait.

ERP Projects have to deliver an initial return on investment (ROI) to justify the cost and be considered successful. Business drivers for ERP projects may be:
statutory and compliance reasons
customer imposed e.g, for new services or to integrate with their systems,
to meet new competition,
to offer new services,
to enhance customer service, brand advocacy and loyalty
to extend erp into crm for pipeline management and social media engagement
to leverage new technology to streamline and to automate professes to get cost reduction and improvements in efficiency
to provide enhanced business analytics for better informed and more timely decision making
to increase agility and responsiveness
to support enterprise wide processes across multiple platforms rather than by function within the office network

This should lead organizations to focus on Business Process Management (BPM) as part of their ERP project, focusing on improving business processes to become more modern and efficient as well as providing an ability to execute and continuously improve.

Don’t forget the end users of the solution – the desired business value will only be achieved with successful execution of the ERP Project.
- Low end user adoption is a greater driver of value leakage than both flawed IT project execution and technology to business misalignment.
- Change management is a critical component of a successful project. Without effective change management, including business process documentation and process-driven training, the desired business benefits will not be fully realised.

Today’s businesses are increasingly complex, composed of a growing number of employees, locations, business processes and business systems. With this complexity, there is an even greater need to ensure that the appropriate due diligence is completed when assessing an ERP project to ensure ongoing stakeholder value is delivered.

Allegion (Ingersoll Rand: Schlage, CISA, Interflex, Steelcraft and LCN )

March 6th, 2014

On December 1, 2013 Ingersoll Rand plc converted its security division into an independent, publicly traded corporation and Allegion ( debuted as a standalone company.
It is a synonym for innovative security products and solutions. Well-known brands such as Schlage, CISA, Interflex, Steelcraft and LCN are part of this new global player.

Synergy Software Systems still continues to provide the same specialist solutions for biometric access control, time recording and personnel planning.

As a partner of Allegion the spin-off does not change the contractual support ship of Synergy Software Systems customers using the Interflex, Schlage and Ingersoll Rand solutions we have implemented for them.

Dynamics AX mobile logistics – Synergy Software Systems, Dubai

January 21st, 2014

AX Anywhere offers Dynamics AX mobile logistics solutions for your business. we were the first partner to implement this system in Dubai and it has contributed to the customers significant growth in new business over the last two years. In fast moving systems real time update are essential. The more data to enter the greater the risk of mistakes. With a mobile solution you can capture document id, item code, batch code, serial code etc. with fast accurate bar code scans.

When there are crucial differences in structural or chemical properties, or part dimensions then the risk of error in data entry is not just administrative correction but may result in catastrophic failure after shipment.

Dynamics AX Anywhere offers mobile solutions for various business processes that are standard to the Dynamics AX experience, particularly in the areas of trade and logistics, production, sales and retail. In the trade and logistics realm, this product offers the mobile flexibility companies, especially those without a WMS, need while maintaining any level of security required.

AX Anywhere allows users to: receive, transfer, count, adjust and pick goods from any mobile device.

AX Anywhere gives companies the option of their users initiate any of these processes by scanning (or keying in) data, by selecting from a list (such as a list of shipments or products) or by working off of a user-created journal that directs the mobile user on exactly what products to count or move.

End user training time and cost in the warehouse is significantly reduced – no need to learn Ax transactions and navigation. Choose a transaction, enter document id, enter item code and quantity, and the rest is automated.

Receiving – scan, key in or select a product from a list to initiate a receipt. Begin the receiving process by selecting an already created item arrival journal.
Transfer order – scan, key in or select a transfer order from a list to initiate a transfer order between warehouses.
Move/Put-away – A, key in or select a product from a list to initiate a product transport within the warehouse via a transfer journal. ahead of time create a transfer journal in AX that contains a list of specific product moves you want to make, and then have a user in the warehouse select that journal with AX Anywhere to perform the moves.
Pallet transport – scan or key in a pallet license plate (LP) to initiate a pallet transport.
Count – scan, key in or select a product from a list to initiate a product count. Optionally, create a count journal ahead of time to specify the products and locations to count. Then a user can select that journal with AX Anywhere and perform the counts.
Adjust – perform a profit/loss stock adjustment on any product by simply scanning, keying in or selecting that product from a list.
Pick – scan, key in or select a shipment number from a list to initiate a pick.

There are several additional options available for customizing AX Anywhere to fit your needs through the use of parameter settings:

Allow the scanning of a GTIN to determine the unit ID used for a receipt, count or pick.
Prefill pallet quantity will assign a predetermined pallet quantity when receiving.
Turn on or off the requirement of scanning a location, item, batch, pick bin or license plate when picking.
Enter a note after picking is completed.
Print a pick license plate after picking is completed.
Auto-ship when items on a transfer order are picked.
Automatically enter the quantity when scanning an EAN128 during counting.
Set a deviation quantity for cycle counting

AX Anywhere also provides information on any product or pallet LP through the use of inquiries. For example, scan or key in a product number to view a list locations and quantities of that product within the warehouse.

AX Anywhere supports any device with a browser, and data is 100% real-time within AX.
It is integrated within AX, so implementation is quick and easy to replace current manual processes and will improve your operation’s productivity, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Ask us for details-better still see a working system.

Motorola -The TC55 has landed!

October 10th, 2013

This pocket-sized touch computer looks and feels like a smartphone and has all the rich features and durability workers need to access business-critical applications out in the field or in the warehouse.

The TC55’s Android operating system is enhanced with Motorola Extensions (Mx) to deliver ease-of-use with the enterprise grade security and manageability you expect.

The pocket-sized TC55 touch computer is already causing a
stir amongst mobile enterprise users, with its impressive range
of features that gives workers everything they need to operate
more smartly and enhance customer service.

Designed with field services, sales, merchandising, logistics, postal services, home healthcare and public safety personnel in mind, the TC55 reduces the cost of callouts, improves inventory management and enables real-time tracking and confirmation of deliveries.

IP67 sealing and comprehensive data capture capabilities help workers to operate more smartly and improve customer service.

Included as standard when you purchase the TC55, Service from the Start provides normal wear and tear repair coverage with a dependable three-day repair turnaround time, along with additional service options

Motorola TC55 touch computer – now available from Synergy Software Systems, Dubai

October 1st, 2013

New Motorola TC55 touch computer – for mobile workers. A major step forward.

• Do you have mobile staff?
• Do they need information and connectivity in one device?
• Is your IT department able to easily manage a mobile network and security across different devices?

The TC55 is a new mobile device: which combines the best features of:
• a traditional enterprise computer
• with smartphone functionality
• all contained in a package designed specifically for field mobility workers.

We are already seeing very strong demand for the TC55 across the region.

Enterprise mobility is changing; users expect to be connected 24×7 and as a result their professional expectations of data and real-time information are also rapidly increasing.

Consumer devices are becoming less expensive and more powerful and with increased Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) adoption they are penetrating across the enterprise.

The TC55 is our answer to this challenge.

At the heart of the TC55 is the Android Jelly Bean operating system (OS). While Android is the world’s most popular OS, it has always lacked specific enterprise features. To meet that challenge we have also launched Extensions (Mx) which fortifies Android for the enterprise with an added layer of security, manageability and performance features.

To further enhance our proposition we have also announced RhoMobile Suite 4.0 which provides enterprises and application developers with powerful development and deployment tools to accelerate innovation in enterprise applications and allow developers, and customers, to realize the full potential of the TC55.

Just call us for more details, or for a demo. 0097143365589

Mobile device management

January 19th, 2013

Mobile operations via mobile devices provide faster reaction and easier management of activities. However, a mobile device increases the work for IT for support and maintenance, and also introduces more challenges of supervision and security e.g. risk of loss or theft, or misuse.  A mobile management solution is required to address 5 key aspects of device management.

We offer the award winnin , proven, affordable and feature rich Mobi Connect solution.

The adoption of mobile devices in business is growing exponentiall . BYOD or ‘bring your own device’ is now the norm for many industries i.e. work across platforms and devices.

Reduce IT’s workload and increase their effectiveness remote management, deployment of patches and isntalls etc.

 Ensure compliance to corporate policies – security lockdown, geofence tracking, disable and wipe rmeotely, alerts, detailed log

Easily synchronise  files with mobile workers

Track who and who is not logged on, and their location.

Track stolen or mislaid devices

Manage shared devices

Ask us about how to better manage your mobile devices, and also about our solutions for extending applications for mobile use e.g.:  mobile CRM or filed service management, mobile inventory and asset counting, mobile alert notifications and workflow approvals,  mobile BI etc

Ingersoll Rand eVAYO Time and Attendance and Access Control systems

November 29th, 2012

 Synergy Software Systems implements and support the Schlage hand punch solution, which attracted a lot of interest at our Stand in Gitex.

Interflex is a  powerful T@A and Access control software that has been used by major clients such as ports and airports, olympic events, football stadiums, construction sites, offices etc and extends to rostering, visitor management etc.

The new eVAYO product family consists of the IF-800 terminal for access control, the IF-5735 terminal for time & attendance recording, and PegaSys Office, an electronic lock for offline access control. With these three solutions, Interflex sets new standards in time & attendance recording and access control. The result: Maximum reliability and unlimited security

Synergy Software Gitex 2012

October 16th, 2012

What a great start to the conference – literally hundreds of visitors to our stand. Some of the solutions that are creating a lot of interest:

  • Schlage Handpunch  for Access control together with Interflex software for exceptional Time and Attendance management and other new access control options kept the team busy as visitors queued up to try. Many features that cannot be matched. and of course we integrate to our HR, Payroll  and Sunsystems financial solutions.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM-  The many enhancements in Dynamics CRM 2011 and the familiar Microsoft ease of use and integation has delivered huge growth in users over the last year and this year adoption  is expected to grow even faster. Transactional business systems and sales analysis do not deliver the same bottom line business benefits as a system with business processes configured to  work the way you do, to provide better customer service,  more informed and targetted marketing, and that focuses on understanding and strengthening customer relationships rather than just focus on financial analysis of transactions.
  • Prophix Corporate Performance Management; automate and manage the budget process, close your month and year end faster, simplify and automate consolidation, undertake detailed planning, ensure compliance.  All built on Microsoft technologies that leverage SSAS, SQL, Excel,  SharePoint. Understand the significant  difference between the structured presentation of information delivered by Prophix Corporate Performance Management and traditional BI tools. Register for our seminars next month.
  • Asset Management: More functional and easier to use and lower cost  than most erp FA registers, with more flexible depreciation options, and ability to configure the system to hold additional data relevant to your business.  The solution has addiitonal modules for mobile asset count, integration to RFID readers for auto tracking of assets, Planned maintenance, Project Managment Accounting for Capital Projects
  • IT Policy , Enforecment Audit and Compliance. Government pharmaceuticals, financial services, health care are such some of the sectors where robust and compliant systems are essential. We offer a unique set of monitoring and control solutions, as well as unmatched failover disaster recovery.
  • Intralinks is a  solution for encrypted document sharing and collaborationin a secure workspace. It is used by around 2 million users at any given time. The SaaS model lets you use  it for just as long as you need, with just the right number of users for the task in hand  maybe a merger or an acquisiton, or a new product launch or a sensitive large tender, or contract.  Vary the number of users by project etc  and set precise rules on who can see and do what, when.

Still time to meet with us and we have not run out of coffee yet!

Access control

October 1st, 2012

The simple truth is, security is complicated. In any given facility there are multiple openings to secure, and multiple people who need access. Varied layers of clearance, employee turnover rates, and a long list of other factors play a role in dictating exactly which credential solutions make the most sense. The variables are infinite. Fortunately, so is our commitment to you. We leverage our  security knowhow – and our incredible breadth of products – to build solutions that meet your needs. When you work with us, you’ll get all the support and information you need to make informed choices. That’s the essence of real security.

Multi-factor authentication,encryption, multi purpose smart cards, biometrics, keys. codes,  

aptiQTM and XceedID® Readers are the newest line of forward-thinking products from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. Designed specifically to simplify your transition from older security platforms—these readers are versatile enough to interface with many systems, providing you the security you need now and into the future.

Infor SunSystems Mobile 1.1.0,

September 18th, 2012

Infor SunSystems Mobile Application

Infor recently announced the availability of Infor SunSystems Mobile 1.1.0, available for download in the Apple App Store

This release introduces the following enhancements and updates:

  • Language support for all core SunSystems languages and one additional language:
    • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese; and one additional SunSystems language—Russian
  • High-resolution artwork for iPad® 3 devices
  • A number of application fixes.

 (© 2012 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo & iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries).

RFID Garment tags from Synergy Software Systems

September 18th, 2012

Care labels appears on almost every piece of clothing we own, telling us care and brand information.

With our new Garment Tag, this information can now be stored securely in an RFID chip. Made from tough material suitable for repeated washing, our Garment Tag comes in different sizes with suitable printing options. With  application extending from basic care information to laundry systems and brand authentication, the Garment Tag provides a new dimension of information to the clothing/fashion industry.

 Please contact us for more information.

RFID – Synergy Software Systems, Dubai- many succesful projects

September 11th, 2012

This blog tends to focus on erp, technology etc

So, for many readers it may be a surprise to learn that Synergy has been implementing mobility and RFID solutions since the early 1990′s. This includes Access control,  and T@A systems as well as large scale Asset tracking solutions, loyalty cards, etc. For exampe we have implemented solutiions for s shopping mall, an IT department, Hotel groups, a University etc.

RFID technology is making major advances, year on year, and delivering bottom line results in many new ways.

 JC Penney’s CEO announced the company’s plans to RFID-tag 100% of merchandise by February 2013,

 American Apparel reported sales growth in the second quarter and cited their use of RFID as a significant tactic  to improve profitability

We have been seeing more companies benefiting from embedding RFID into their products. We are excited about the new capabilities that are emerging and innovative applications that are enabled when Monza and Indy chips are embedded. The next version of the UHF Gen2 protocol  includes loss identification/prevention, item anti-counterfeiting, security and machine-to-machine interfacing.

 A recent annoucment is the availability of the world’s first RFID reader network application for the Apple iPhone.

One of our partners has just announced an advanced fuel distribution RFID system, in addition to their established solutions like Jewellery tagging etc.

Synergy also provdes asset tags, and tagging services and mobile data collection services e.g for annual count. Our solutions  work with integrated modules for Fixed Financial management and Planned maintenance, Capital project accounting etc.

Expect to see more innovative applications as the technology advances and mass production of tags reduces costs.