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Apparel PLM – from Synergy Software Systems in Dubai

August 9th, 2011

We are pleased to announce our representation for the specialist Apparel rnage fo soltuioons from DeSL . The recently released  version 4.0 of its PLM, SRM, ERP and E-Commerce products includes many functional enhancements:

  1. Full and real time bi-directional integration with Adobe Illustrator versions CS3, CS4 and CS5.  Conect yourdesign to your libraries of materials and costs,
  2. A new interface via DeSL’s web portal to enhance end user’s experience and to support functions such as ‘my home page’ and Excel grids.
  3. Capabilities to import data directly from PDF’s and spreadsheets to create on-line tech packs and product libraries without the need for re-keying.
  4. Supplier/Vendor compliance management including standards such as CPSIA.
  5. AQL quality standards within production/procurement.
  6. Integration between Story Boards, customer sales catalogues and E-Commerce.
  7. Logistics management and direct deliveries for purchase orders.
  8. Integration between Line Planning and Sales and Demand Forecasting.
  9. 3D product visualisation. Create 3 FD views of samples from 2 D photographs to speed up design approval and

Colin Marks, CEO DeSL, states “this version represents a new vision and paradigm for PLM and ‘end to end’ fashion software. We’ve not taken the easy route of incorporating 3rd party products such as Excel grid controls into our solution. We developed our own because purchased 3rd party products are generally too slow over low Internet connection speeds such as those experienced in remote locations such as China, Indonesia, Cambodia and South America etc. Most of our customers want to include their suppliers/vendors in their collaborative network so speed of response is essential.

We have also taken huge steps with the full integration to Adobe Illustrator. Creative people don’t really want to use commercial solutions such as PLM, so with our new ‘plug in’ they don’t need to! We enable designers to create products, tech packs, BOM’s and sample requests, all from their Illustrator workspace. The single source of PLM data is actually extended into Illustrator with obvious speed to market advantages.

DeSL were appointed Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for the 4th consecutive year. despite the much  tougherMicrosoft qualifying criteria,  the only vendor in this sector with this track record.

With the move to version 4.0 of the .Net Framework DeSL is the only vendor with a ‘pure Internet architecture’ and accredited as .Net Connected.

The  full range of products are being adopted by many global retailers in addition to wholesale/manufacturing companies, with numerous new deals recently signed including Bravissimo in UK, Men’s Wearhouse in USA and GRI Retail in Hong Kong.

In the fast moving world of fashion with constantly updated ranges, and styles and multiple sizes and colourways, a specialist integrated, end to end solution,  from design to delivery is needed to accelerate the design and approval cycle, and to manage the  complex coordination of muliple purhcase orders, and manufacturing orders and sub contractors through every stage.

 Combine this with Dynamics Ax 2012 and itsadvanced  retail module and this is an awesome solution that will transform your business if you are involved in the apparel industry.

Use BIM to win at the RFP stage.

May 13th, 2010

In  economic recession, the building market is even more competitive.

Lower prices with hard bids and more bids to choose from is the norm. and owners still seek more ways to save money and to accelerate project schedules .  So how can  contractors distinguish themselves.

BIM is exactly the tool to provide the Owners the savings and to gives the General C ontractor a competitive advantage t. Many contractors claim that they do “BIM;” but most contractors,, only clain it as a marketing tool or for 3D coordination.

Generatw cost savings and providie the Owner the confidence that they will get delivery in budget on time. 

 The RFP stage is when you win and lsoe proejcts and is htest time to demonstrate th benefit sof BIM

 The typical RFP process is broken into these categories:

 • Interview: 5% – 25% of total

 • Plan, Pricing and Schedule: 25% – 40% of tota

l • Qualifications: 40% – 70% of total

Clients are very interested to kno how the  5D virtual construction workflow help in completing a project successfully. Use the model as a presentation  tool to “wow” the client but that’s  not enough anymore.  Demonstrate the integrated workflow during the interview and  transparently  illustrate the 5D BIM approach to the project . “Talk to the model” and communicate to the client the schedule and opportunities for saving  money and time.

The lowest reasonable price by a qualified GC is a strong factor but  Owners are wise to contractors who low-bid and live off  change orders to recover. With conceptual estimates, GCs hone in on a true cost based on quantities, locations, and past subcontractor efficiency rates. This focus on quantities, locations, production rates) enables meaningful subcontractor negotiations.  The Subcontractors are more confie=dent and accurate when bidding off the same model as GC . so there is lowe rneed for risk contingency and tprices are transparent .  This porcess is enahced when the subcontractors uses the virtual cosntruction model with the GC to resolve constructability issues before going to site .

 With more efficient schedules and better logistics, there’s no need for stops and starts and last minute rush towards completion.You are able to frequnetly track the target cost versus  actual cost to manage budget overruns and  resolution.

The fastest, reliable schedule is often less important a factor in a bid but in many  cases, it is the most critical factor.  GCs often have difficulty explaining their schedules to a n owner when they can’t express it in an easy-to-understand graphical presentation. There are many benefits to shwoing  a 4D schedule in a bid. The combination of flowline theory and production control gives more accurate planning, GCs can help their Subs remove the typical stops and starts that simply waste labor.

 Owners know that a proven team will consistenlty deliver the best results. They look specifically for the teams with which they want to work – a team that communicates well and is trustworthy. A poorly-structured or overly-complicated presentation undemrines that trust. Owners  need to hear  a crdible proposal and plan.  Use  a 5D BIM model to drive your presentation, so the team members are able to clearly illustrate the key points in  language that a layperson will understand.

 Even more compelling is the ability to show the Owner exactly what is meant , “a picture is worth a thousand words.” and lot more in won projects. This is one of the first benefits of BIM.” Techniques -. This is so much easier to express with a 5D model, especially when the Owner is a layperson. Too often, construction companies try to communicate the building methodology with non‐integrated, non-visual techniques, which only muddies the water. Your firm’s integrated construction methodology can be easily expressed with transparency through the 5D model. Owners appreciate a well-defined process for planning and managing the job, especially when the plan includes objective measurements and reporting.

BIM is not a magic bullet.  BIM-capable does not just mean walk‐through animations – it is an integrated construction environment rich with precise quantities, mean and methods, flowline scheduling, and powerful visualizations that supports lean construction methodologies.

 If you’re committed to adding BIM to your portfolio, we’re ready to help.

Advanced ERP training

January 24th, 2010

Microsoft Dynamics Ax Advanced Training Course  January 2010The Advanced Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 Production Master Scheduling course is hotting up! Students created complex Bills of Material with both measurement dimensions and configurations, and then started delving into mrp. The course will continue with Forecast planning today and move on to work with complex routes and finite scheduling.